A Versatile, Non-stick Graphene Pan


What can Cosmic Fire Pan do?

Pan-fried Steak

Stir Fry

Baked Pizza

Cosmic Fire  VS Others

Many pots on the market may lose their coating after being used for a period of time, but we use graphene layers to effectively prevent the pot from delaminating during use.


Non-stick, Non-fall Off Coating

Quality durable cookware makes cooking easier and more fun. Cosmic Fire pans are produced utilizing all-in-one molding cast iron processed with a state-of-the-art die casting and polishing technique which includes five polishing processes. As a result, the pan surface is very smooth and completely nonstick so the coating stays on all the time, no matter whether you are frying eggs or pancakes.

Environmentally Friendly Coating

Our pan is made from a mixture of organic resin and graphene which can withstand temperatures as high as 200-300°C. As part of our process we coat the pan with the mixture and roast it under 280°C for 10 minutes so the coating is resilient enough to be used under high temperature without falling off. In addition, the material we use does not contain PTFE, PFOA or other materials harmful to the environment or your health.

Rapid Thermal Conduction

Quality of the pan coating has a big impact on the quality of food you cook in it. To ensure you get the best value, we utilize graphene coating known for its toughness, hardness and rapid thermal conduction. What’s more, this material transfers the heat to the food evenly and quickly.

Suitable For All Stoves

Cosmic Fire Pan is versatile and suitable for either modern or traditional kitchen setup. You can use it on gas, electric, ceramic and even an induction stove, which really opens your options in terms of meal prep.


More Lighter

Although Cosmic Fire Pan is made of cast iron, we optimized the height in appearance when creating it. Compared with other iron pans on the market, Cosmic Fire Pan is lighter and looks more refined.

Heat Insulation Handle

To prevent you from getting burnt whilst cooking, our pan comes with a lengthened handle. The handle is made from hollow aluminum alloy, using high-strength, ultra-light, seamless techniques and it is covered with a food-grade organic silicone sleeve for easy handling.

Easy to Clean

Nobody wants to waste too much time on scrubbing off dirty pans. To spare you the hassle, Cosmic Fire pan has a unit-body structure and smooth nonstick surface which can be cleaned with a wipe of a sponge! This makes it both easy and convenient to clean. If you want to save time on washing up after cooking, this pan will not let you down.


Advantages of Cosmic Fire Pan

Cosmic Fire Pan has passed the LFGB, FDA, wear-resistant and other food testing certifications of the German Rhein Laboratory (TUV).